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Gaming Tips


  • You may buy in for playing chips at any open table, or at the cage.  You can only cash in at the cage.
  • If you are uncertain about the rules of the game, just ask your dealer.  They will be more than happy to help you out in any of your questions.
  • Players may not have electronic devices on the table, and must step away from the table if they want to use these devices.
  • Players may not put sunglasses, phones, etc, on the table during play.
  • Never take any gaming equipment out of the vision of the gaming personnel.
  • All players must speak English only, when conversing at the table.
  • Blackjack – If playing in a “shoe” game, you may not touch the cards.  Use your normal hand signals to relay information to the dealer.
  • Once the hand starts (first card out of the shoe), you may not add to/or subtract from your bet.



  • The best time to learn craps is earlier in the day when business is slow, but any time you are here and want to learn simply get as close to a dealer as possible and ask, “How do I play?”.



  • Once the dealer waves off, no more wagers can be accepted on the Roulette game, until the current winners are paid off, and the dealer re-opens the table for new bets.



  • Always let a team member know if you would like an escort to your car.  We would be happy to call a security escort for you.
  • If requesting a game to be saved, please notify a slot attendant, other means such as leaving some personal items or leaning a chair, will not insure that your seat is there when you return.
  • If coming in a large group, please have a pre-determined meeting area. The slot area is quite large, and on the weekend, very busy.  Taking a few moments to work out a meeting place/time can save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Always look at your Ticket In Ticket Out ticket before you leave a machine! Once you leave a machine, the opportunity to fix most errors becomes tremendously difficult.
  • Bring your ID.  We are always happy to welcome our guests to the casino.  If you win a jackpot, we would love to celebrate it with you.  We can’t do this if you forget your ID.  Even if we know who you are, we are required to see IDs when paying out jackpots.